Free Financial Planning For Real Estate

Research shows that most people start thinking about a potential real estate transaction many months before they actually begin one.

One of the services that I provide to my clients is free financial planning for real estate.

In addition to my years of real estate experience, I have an academic background in financial planning. I have spent many years assisting my clients in this area, and using financial planning skills in my own real estate portfolio.

This financial planning for real estate is free to my clients.

Here's how it works: When a client requests it, I meet with them and do some financial planning regarding their real estate goals. We come up with numbers and do financial planning to enable them to achieve their real estate goal.

What kind of real estate transactions am I talking about? You might want to sell your current home and purchase a nicer home, or sell your current home and purchase a less expensive home. You might wish to devise a way to own your first real estate investment property. You might wish to determine a way to keep your current home, turn it into a rental property, and purchase a nicer home (a method that many of my clients use to begin ownership of their first real estate investment property). You might be downsizing and wish to explore the feasibility of keeping your current home as a rental property, while moving to a smaller, less expensive home to live in. You might want to devise a way to own your first or second or third real estate investment property. You might want to exchange your current investment properties into more effective real estate investments.

Some clients have asked me to assist them with financial planning in the real estate area to accomplish a long-term financial goal, such as the funding of a college education, or their retirement. They have asked me to devise a program that would allow them to use real estate to accomplish these long-term financial goals.

I greatly enjoy serving my clients with my financial planning skills in all of these situations. It is very rewarding to help my clients create scenarios that will accomplish their important real estate goals.

In short, there are many ways that I use my financial planning skills to assist my clients in achieving their real estate related financial goals.

How does this financial planning work? It's simple. Call my office at your convenience, and let me know that you would like some free real estate related financial planning.

I love serving my clients in this way! Call me if I may be of service to you with this free financial planning for real estate.

If you are in Sonoma County, call my office at 707 577-8200. If you are in Marin County, call my office at 415 491-4800. In either case, ask for free financial planning to achieve your current real estate goal!