What Is A Complimentary Real Estate Move-Up Seminar?

By Shayne Bowen

The Complimentary Real Estate Move-Up Seminar is a new service that I am offering to my clients. I have met many clients who delayed their growth in the area of real estate due to lack of clarity on the process, and due to lack of knowledge of resources, possibilities, and strategies.

This one-on-one personal seminar’s central aim is to provide very high quality, very detailed information to clients who are thinking about moving up to a new home, but would like the latest thinking on the best ways of pursuing and accomplishing this goal.

This personal seminar includes the establishment of your real estate goals, a detailed update on all aspects of the process, a discussion of interest rates and financing, a projection of your improved financial well being due to the appreciation of a more substantial home, the possibility of keeping your current home as your first real estate investment property, a detailed staging discussion on how to best prepare your property for the market, a detailed assessment of your current property’s worth, a detailed Excel spreadsheet projection of your new home’s price, closing costs, before tax and after tax monthly cost, and the possible annual appreciation on your new home. It will give you a detailed, step-by-step chronology of the action steps to take to accomplish your real estate move-up plan!!

Here is a recent example: Mrs. Davis (not her real name) called me, saying that they would like to have me come by for my Complimentary Real Estate Move-Up Seminar. She asked if there was any cost or any obligation – I told her that there was no cost or obligation. I asked her several questions about their current home, and the type of home that they were considering purchasing. We arranged a meeting time at their home.

At the meeting, we once again established and clarified the Davis’s real estate move-up goals. The Davis’s goals were to move to a larger home, due to the growing size of their family. They also wanted to upgrade their quality of life by living in a higher quality neighborhood. I asked them to at least consider the possibility of keeping their current home as a rental, while still upgrading to a new home. We examined the numbers in detail, and the Davis’s indicated that they would really like to do this, but that they would rather sell their current home. We then looked at all of the financials in detail: the value of their current home, the appreciation on the new home, the new home’s price, payment, and closing costs. We established a written step-by-step action plan to accomplish this move-up goal, and ended with a detailed session on how to best prepare the home cosmetically for the maximum profit upon its sale. Call me today if you would like me to do this seminar for you!!!

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