What Is A Complimentary Investment Property Seminar?

By Shayne Bowen

This one-on-one Complimentary Investment Property Seminar is a new service that I am offering to my clients. I have met so very many clients over the years who very much needed to make fundamental financial progress, and who had the ability to do so, but who delayed their improvement in the area of real estate due to lack of clarity on the process, and due to lack of knowledge of resources, possibilities, and strategies.

A truth: The vast majority of clients who have never invested in a real estate rental property are fully capable, with the right advice and assistance, of achieving the aim of purchasing a real estate investment property!!

A second reality is that very few people make fundamental progress toward their family’s financial security and well being without investment real estate as part of their financial plan. I’ve met many wealthy people in my career, and there is a common thread among them: They all had significant (if not predominant) ownership of investment real estate in their plan!!

I’ve found three types if clients in this regard: Some of them know that they are already capable of doing this (but just haven’t yet done it yet!); some thought they might be capable of this (and they usually are!), and some who didn’t think they were capable of this (but really were, with the right advice and guidance!).

This seminar’s central aim is to provide very high quality, very detailed information to clients on how to set the right investment property goals, to determine what you need from investment real estate, to do a detailed study of the appropriate purchase price of an investment property, to cover the monthly costs and monthly cash flow in detail, to discuss easy management options and resources, and to establish a written step-by-step action plan to accomplish this goal!

A recent example: Jim Anderson (not his real name) called me and said that he knew he should be involved in investment real estate, but just didn’t feel that he knew enough about it, and he was nervous about managing the property. He didn’t know if the numbers would work for him, either. I asked him several questions about his goals, and about what he wanted investment real estate to do for him. We met soon after that, and began by establishing clear, achievable goals. We did a detailed study on the numbers involved, the purchase price of the property, the anticipated rents, the monthly costs and cash flow, and the prospective appreciation. We quantified the tax benefits. We looked at possible financing scenarios. We discussed at length ways to easily handle and delegate property management. Jim did buy his first investment property! Call me today if you would like me to do this seminar for you!!!

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