What Is My Free Staging Consultation? What Are The Most Common Staging Mistakes?

By Shayne Bowen

Staging is the term that real estate agents use when referring to a seller’s efforts to prepare their home for sale. Staging consists of efforts to cosmetically improve the property, such as cleaning carpeting, replacing badly worn carpeting, repainting the inside or outside of the home, cleaning up the yard, etc.

The most common mistakes are costly for sellers – but they are totally preventable. What are the most common mistakes?

Mistake 1: The most costly mistake that sellers make is to spend lots of money, lots of energy, and lots of time doing things that won’t help them, or things that will actually hurt them! I have seen this happen so many times – countless times over the years! This is totally avoidable, but get advice from me first! I am an expert at avoiding this mistake!

Mistake 2: Spending a large sum of money on a new roof – be careful here. Unless the roof is already leaking, a buyer is not going to pay any more for the home with a brand new roof, versus a home that has an older, but non-leaking roof. Even a portion of the significant sum of money spent on the roof could have been much more profitably used on refurbishing simple and relatively inexpensive cosmetic items, such as painting, cleaning or replacement of carpet and vinyl.

Mistake 3: Spending money on advisable things (like paint, carpeting, vinyl floors, flowers, and minor yard clean up), but choosing colors and patterns that will actually decrease the probability of a sale, and decrease the odds of obtaining the best possible price.

Mistake 4: Doing the work in reports without consulting me first. If you have already had a termite and a contractor’s report (good for you – doing so places you in the elite ranks of the smartest sellers!), do not do the work in the reports until you consult with me. In the vast majority of cases, I will advise you to not do the work in the reports, but instead, to simply disclose those items to the new buyer.

Mistake 5: Spending money on any staging item without having first consulted me to do a free staging session. It is very, very important that you have me do a staging session first, so that I may prioritize the importance of the staging items, and have you do ONLY the ones that will bring the surest and highest profit. I am very conservative in this area!

Solution: My Free Staging Consultation consists of a no obligation free one-hour consultation on how to stage your home in the best, most effective, and most profitable manner. Call me today if you want my free, no-obligation Staging Consultation!

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