This Is The Year To Grow!!

By Shayne Bowen

This Is The Year To Grow!

Take Advantage Of Equity Growth!

I started out this year with a thought, and that thought is this: I resolved to contact the people in my area of specialization in Santa Rosa and ask them a simple question. The question is: "Why not buy or exchange into a new investment property? Isn’t this year the time to grow your portfolio?"

So, I will repeat the question -- "Why not buy or exchange into a new investment property in 2004? Why not grow and improve? Why not take advantage of all of the accumulated equity growth in your property(s) over the last few years?"

If you already own one property, isn’t it time to consider two? If you already own two properties, isn’t it time to consider three? If you already own three properties, isn’t it time to consider four?

For those who have not done this much, it is often astonishingly easy to take some of equity from your existing property and use that equity to invest in your next property! For those of you who already know this, isn’t it time that you did it? The first investment property is the hardest – you’ve already done that. Isn’t it time to take advantage now of the courage and foresight you displayed by already being an owner of investment real estate? Considering the very large run-up in equity caused by this extraordinary real estate market that we have experienced during the last few years, isn’t it time to use some of that considerable "excess" equity to improve your family’s financial future and security? Isn’t it time to take advantage of that equity?

A Second Question!

Think About Investment Goals!

A second question – "Shouldn’t I, at the very least re-examine my goals to make sure that my current properties are meeting my investment goals, to make sure that I am clear about my goals, and to make sure that I am moving toward them ever more powerfully?"

Does it make sense for you to do a 1031 exchange from your current property, and therefore be able to get your investment property closer to you, to make management easier? Would it benefit you to do a 1031 exchange and end up with a more efficient income generator – say an apartment house rather than an four single family homes? Or a four-plex rather than 2 single family homes? Does it make sense to exchange out of the current properties that you have owned for several years, in order to get a new depreciation basis, and save a lot more money on your taxes? Does it make sense to exchange the investment property(s) you currently own into somewhat larger properties, in order to control more real estate, and thereby make potentially much more money each year due to appreciation and the control of a much larger amount of real estate?

Action Steps

Take These Steps!

I hope that you will do something significant this year to improve your family’s financial security. I most definitely hope that you will not lose out! I hope you will not fail to take advantage of the huge run-up in equity in your property(s) caused by this fantastic real estate market we have been in. My advice: Use your accumulated equity to improve your financial well being. Don’t just let it sit and be unproductive! This may well be the most important thing you could do this year, financially!

To do something to grow this year, or otherwise improve your investment portfolio, take these action steps:

Step 1: Call me and discuss your current growth or exchange goals.

Step 2: Ask me to write out a plan to achieve your goals.

Step 3: Take action on this plan. Follow through this year. Complete your financial plan.

I Can Help, Because I’ve Been There!

I Own It – I Don’t Just Sell It!

I am fairly unusual in the real estate industry. I don’t just sell real estate in high volume, I also own it, in significant volume. I have a deep belief in the benefits of investment real estate – my family and I are heavily involved in it, and have reaped wonderful, wonderful rewards from it over the years.

I’m unusual – most agents sell real estate, but they don’t own much of it, and the vast majority, while extolling the idea of buying an investment property, have not, and will never own it themselves!

I can help you set to your goals, and achieve them faster and more effectively, because I’ve done it myself, and because I own a lot of the product personally!

Give me a call – let’s do something about growing together this year!! It will be fun and highly rewarding!!

Contact & Biographical Information

If you would like to explore, at no obligation, the sale or exchange of your investment property, please contact me. I may be reached at 707 577-8200, or you may email me at I respond promptly and fully to either type of inquiry.

If you would like to begin the exploration of number scenarios for your Copperfield, Sierra Meadows, or Pepperwood Creek property, please phone me for the first step, which is a no-obligation, complimentary value analysis of your property. This analysis will give you the starting point for the numbers analysis.

I have specialized in real estate sales in the Copperfield area for over 15 years, and have been in the real estate industry for over two decades. During this period, I have personally marketed more homes in this area than any other Realtor. For a list of the homes that I have personally marketed in the Copperfield, Sierra Meadows, and Pepperwood Creek developments, please visit this web address:

As an owner of a Copperfield, Sierra Meadows, or Pepperwood Creek property, you deserve someone with extensive local knowledge. Here are some details on my actual results:

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Investors are a large portion of my clientele. I have owned investment property in the Copperfield area, in Santa Rosa, and out of state. I have access to several vendors who can accomplish many things for an investor during the marketing period of a property, including painting, landscaping, repairs, etc. I obtain these estimates for the investor, because a large majority of sellers live out of the area. I handle all of these matters so that the investor does not need to.

I obtain competitive estimates, and present the seller with recommendations based upon many, many years of personal and business experience regarding the improvements (if any) that will make the largest net profit for the investor.

I have tremendous experience in knowing how to optimally intersect the seller's need for continuing cash flow from the existing tenant with the important need to maximize the value of the property during the marketing period. I am highly experienced and knowledgeable about various strategies for handling cash flow issues during the marketing and/or preparation for the marketing period.

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