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Innovative and exceptionally high quality web development for Intranet and Internet websites.

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ighlights & Skills:

  • Strong Technical Background: Formal technical education includes Web Design & Perl Programming Certificate.
  • Unix Systems Administrator Program: In addition to the college Web Design & Perl Programming Certificate, have begun work on a Unix System Administrator Certificate.
  • Webmaster for a large Agilent Technologies (formerly Hewlett-Packard) Intranet Website. This Webmaster role entails extensive use of FrontPage and HTML for daily maintenance, repairs, and additions to the Website. Broad knowledge of Agilent systems necessary. The role also entails constant interaction with customers calling with website related issues, investigation of issues, and writing of new procedures. The site is used by many other 'customers' within Agilent Technologies.
  • Webmaster for two Hewlett-Packard Intranet Websites for the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Spectrum Monitoring Systems (SMS) Marketing Department. Skills utilized included HTML, Adobe PhotoShop, Web Page Design, Perl Programming, Unix file administration, VI editor for programming edits, and Web Graphics.
  • Completed major revamp of the Hewlett-Packard EMC/SMS Intranet websites. Tasks included moving pages into correct Unix directories, setting up new Unix directories, standardizing headers and titles, adding product photos, adding consistent and more appropriate navigation bars, deleting unused files and CGI scripts, improving and standardizing page design, checking all links, making all hard coded links relative, frame removal to comply with current standards, standardization of navigation buttons, and multiple other changes to improve the look and functionality of the two sites. Matrix was developed to itemize and order all revamp activities.
  • Handled maintenance of the Hewlett-Packard Marketing EMC/SMS Intranet websites. Maintenance included major cleanup regarding consistency and broken links; setting up the Unix file structure for and adding new products; removing products; and fixing various problems called in by Field personnel.
  • Strong HTML background. All website coding for the EMC/SMS Intranet websites was done in HTML.
  • Designed forms & a questionnaire for use by Field personnel and added these forms to the Hewlett-Packard EMC/SMS Intranet websites. Wrote the programs to process the form data.
  • Good Unix background. Experience includes Unix/Linux, VI & VIM Editors, Elm, Pine, Reflections-X, Telnet, etc.
  • Perl programming knowledge and background: Semester length college class in Perl Programming, Hewlett-Packard Jumpstart Perl Programming four-day class, and participation in weekly Perl programming meetings at Hewlett-Packard.
  • Web training provided to others included creation of image maps, repairing broken links, fixing tables, general departmental consultation on web page creation, troubleshooting, and multiple other web tasks.
  • Web Editors: Experience includes use of FrontPage 98, Adobe GoLive, MS-Word, Notepad, Wordpad, Super Notetab, and NotePad Pro.
  • Web Graphics background includes one semester length college class in Adobe PhotoShop, use of PhotoShop in website consultation and development, and a semester length class in Designing Graphics for the Web.
  • Created a web configuration guide for three new Hewlett-Packard Wireless products to help the Field and Sales Development Engineers.
  • Provided hardware & software technical support for Hewlett-Packard Help Desk & office environment.
  • Created a Hewlett-Packard Product Stewardship Intranet website. This included developing a form and writing a program to process the form data.
  • Extensive software background: Web Related Subjects, Word Processing, E-Mail Software, Presentation Graphics, Desktop Publishing, Databases, Applications Development in MS-Access, SQL (Structured Query Language), Spreadsheets, MS-DOS, MS-Windows, MS-NT, Accounting Programs, Time Management Software, programming classes (Cobol, Data Structures & Algorithms, Pascal, Perl), and WordPerfect 5.1 specialized macro training. Extensive use of FTP programs in college web classes, web projects, and professional website development.

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elevant Experience:

08/79 - Present, Agilent Technologies, Inc. - Formerly
Hewlett-Packard Company (with a 2-1/2 year absence)
, Santa Rosa, CA

Administrative Assistant & Webmaster

Wireless Network Solutions Division - Marketing Department (11/95 - Present)

Administrative Assistant

Information Technology Department (09/85 - 01/93)
Materials Engineering Department (12/81 - 09/85)
Production Engineering Department (08/79 - 12/81)

1987 - 1995, Freelance Consulting, Marin and Sonoma County

  • Computerized client's marketing. This included everything from analysis, design, documentation, training of staff, and implementation of the system to actually setting up the mailing and printing companies.
  • Created sophisticated database systems, large mail merge programs, and provided desktop publishing services for various firms, private and non-profit. Projects included a monthly business newsletter, a comprehensive customer database, a fully operational mail merge system for marketing, and desktop publishing for a professionally published non-profit directory.

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Santa Rosa Junior College, 1979 - Present, Santa Rosa, CA

Major Studies: Web Design & Perl Programming Certificate; Personal Computer Software; Hardware Courses; General Education. See my Classes List for a complete listing of recent Web-Related and other computer related classes.

Sonoma State University, 1981 - 1986, Rohnert Park, CA

Major Studies: Computer Science/General Education

College of Marin, 1973 - 1977, Kentfield, CA

A.A. Liberal Arts, with emphasis on secretarial & administrative assistant studies

Major Studies: Administration of Justice

Technical Training:

Highlights include: Web Design & Perl Programming Certificate through the Santa Rosa Junior College (SRJC), Interested in pursuing a Unix Systems Administrator Certificate through SRJC; Perl Programming Jumpstart class through Hewlett-Packard; WordPerfect 5.1 Macro/Programming Training, Computer Utilization Corporation in Sacramento, CA.


1999 Conference for Women; Several Internet related NTU seminars through HP; Dale Carnegie's "Public Speaking and Human Relations", "Managing Inter-Personal Relations", Time Management, "Career Woman", "Managing Personal Growth", "Presentations at HP", "Employee Development Plan" workshop; "Train the Trainer", "Introduction to the Internet", and numerous other seminars. Currently in the process of completing the Tony Robbins Personal Power II (The Driving Force) program.

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