What Can Your Real Estate Team Do For Me?

By Shayne Bowen

Is Your Investment Property Portfolio Growing?

I Have A Great Real Estate Team! / I Can Help You Grow!

I sincerely hope that you are strongly considering the topics that I have raised in previous letters to you, and I especially hope that you are asking yourself the question: "Isn’t it time to grow financially? Isn’t it time to clarify my investment goals and to exchange into a property or properties that better serve my investment goals?

I am writing to you because I deeply believe that we have some unique things to offer you in this regard.

If you are ready to grow and purchase an additional investment property or properties, or if you are ready to exchange to accomplish an important investment objective (easier management, getting your property closer to you, getting greater tax savings via a higher depreciation base, getting your property into a better neighborhood, owning a new property that has greater appreciation potential, owning a multi-unit property that is a much more effective income generator) – please strongly consider my real estate team to get this job done for you!!!!

I Own It – I don’t Just Sell It!

I Know How To Do This! / I’ve Done It Personally!

I have the team to get the job done for you – whether you want to exchange, or just purchase some new investment properties!!!!

I’m different – I not only sell real estate, I own it in significant volume! I’ve been there – I know the issues, I know how to grow, and I have personally experienced the tremendous benefits of real estate ownership. Because of this personal involvement, and because I own the product, and don’t just sell it, I am uniquely qualified to serve you for your investment property advice, exchanges and purchases. The vast majority of agents sell real estate – but own little of it, and certainly very few of them own investment real estate as I do!!!

I Have The Team To Get The Job Done!

Why We Are Different!

  1. I own a lot of property myself – I am an avid investor; I understand the issues from the inside, from handling a tenant during the sale to the intricacies of an exchange.
  2. I will inspect the property for you – you don’t have to come here to do it.
  3. I have a team to do local fix up. I manage this all of the time for my out-of-state clients.
  4. I know how to handle the tenant during the marketing period, and have extensive experience on the best strategies for managing the tenant and marketing the property.
  5. I make it easy! Because of my personal involvement in owning investment real estate, I am able to help you avoid the most common inconveniences that occur in these types of transactions.
  6. I am unusually good at advising you in terms of analyzing, creating and achieving a good financial plan. In addition to 25 years in the real estate industry, and owning significant amounts of investment real estate, I also have a background as a financial planner (I studied financial planning at USF). I have helped many, many clients with high quality financial planning.

Give me a call. I’d love to serve you and have an ongoing business relationship as you grow and progress as a real estate investor!

Contact & Biographical Information

If you would like to explore, at no obligation, the sale or exchange of your investment property, please contact me. I may be reached at 707 577-8200, or you may email me at ShayneBowen@yahoo.com. I respond promptly and fully to either type of inquiry.

If you would like to begin the exploration of number scenarios for your Copperfield, Sierra Meadows, or Pepperwood Creek property, please phone me for the first step, which is a no-obligation, complimentary value analysis of your property. This analysis will give you the starting point for the numbers analysis.

I have specialized in real estate sales in the Copperfield area for over 15 years, and have been in the real estate industry for over two decades. During this period, I have personally marketed more homes in this area than any other Realtor. For a list of the homes that I have personally marketed in the Copperfield, Sierra Meadows, and Pepperwood Creek developments, please visit this web address: ShayneBowen.com/northwest.

As an owner of a Copperfield, Sierra Meadows, or Pepperwood Creek property, you deserve someone with extensive local knowledge. Here are some details on my actual results:

To see my professional resume, click here

Investors are a large portion of my clientele. I have owned investment property in the Copperfield area, in Santa Rosa, and out of state. I have access to several vendors who can accomplish many things for an investor during the marketing period of a property, including painting, landscaping, repairs, etc. I obtain these estimates for the investor, because a large majority of sellers live out of the area. I handle all of these matters so that the investor does not need to.

I obtain competitive estimates, and present the seller with recommendations based upon many, many years of personal and business experience regarding the improvements (if any) that will make the largest net profit for the investor.

I have tremendous experience in knowing how to optimally intersect the seller's need for continuing cash flow from the existing tenant with the important need to maximize the value of the property during the marketing period. I am highly experienced and knowledgeable about various strategies for handling cash flow issues during the marketing and/or preparation for the marketing period.

For client professional references, click on the web address: ShayneBowen.com/reference.htm.

If you would like a complimentary, personalized property value analysis, please phone Shayne Bowen at 707 577-8200! (Alternately, you may click here to make a request for a personalized property value analysis.)  
If you are interested in making a purchase or exchange of a property, please phone Shayne Bowen at 707 577-8200! (Alternately, you may click here to request information on potential properties for you.)