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Do You Want To Work With A Fabulous Real Estate Investment Team? Would you like to work with an agent who has been there? An agent who owns substantial amounts of investment real estate? An agent who owns the real estate, and doesn't just sell it? Read my article on my extensive real estate, investment, and financial planning background, plus my fabulous services specifically for real estate investors!

Isn't This Is The Year To Grow!! Isn't it time go grow your real estate investment portfolio? Why not take advantage of all the accumulated equity growth in your properties over the few years to grow? Read my article on taking advantage of the recent equity recent growth to improve your net worth and financial well being!

What Steps Are Involved In Selling My Investment Property? Do you want to sell or exchange your investment rental property? Read my article for a detailed look at the steps to get it done easily, profitably, and quickly.

Are You Using Leverage? Are you using leverage to allow real estate to work for you? Read my article on this topic.

What Is An Exchange, And What Benefits Does One Create? Have you heard of an "exchange," but never really understood much about what an exchange is? Do you know what an exchange is, but have no clear idea of the many benefits that an exchange can bring? Read my article (the first of a series on exchanging), learn the definition and benefits of an exchange, and see a number of examples of these benefits for owners of investment real estate.

What Are The Steps Involved In Completing an Exchange? Have you thought of completing an exchange, but don't really know the steps involved? Do you know what an exchange is, but have no clearly defined understanding of how to do one? Read my article (the second in a series on exchanging), and learn the relatively simple steps involved in completing an exchange of your rental property.



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