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My Business Philosophy

Let me introduce myself. . . I am a no pressure, high quality, honest, and very experienced Realtor. I believe that my role is to advise, serve, and represent my clients, to give them the benefit of my skills and years of experience. I take my fiduciary duty very, very seriously. This means that I put my client's interests ahead of mine -- always.

I do not believe in pressuring clients, ever. . . My job is to give my clients the pros and cons of any action that they are contemplating. I donít believe it's my role to make decisions for my clients, to convince them, or to pressure them to make a particular decision. My job is to provide detailed options and analysis. This leaves my clients free to make highly informed decisions -- without pressure from aggressive sales tactics.

The best people in my industry are allies of their clients, defenders of their clients, advocates for their clients - and they offer tremendous technical skill and knowledge. In addition, they have a rock-solid conviction: they put their client's interests ahead of their own - always. I am this type of agent. 

Currently For Sale:

bullet354 Harvest Lane (Condo) - Santa Rosa Virtual Tour

Recent Sales:

bullet70 Circulo Rosalia - Purchased
bullet223 Monarch Court - Purchased
bullet212 Regency Court - Purchased
bullet2003 Humboldt Street - Sold

Selling Your Home

bulletHow do Shayne's services compare to other firms?
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bulletHow do I obtain a free property market analysis?
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bulletIf I obtain a property analysis, am I obligated?
bulletClick here for several educational articles for sellers!
bulletWhat steps are involved in the selling process?
bulletWhat steps are involved to both sell and buy a new home?

Education For Sellers

bulletClick here for an extensive series of articles that I have written to provide education for my sellers.

Buying A Home

bulletHow do I obtain free info on new listings?
bulletSearch for homes by clicking here.

Education For Buyers

bulletHow much home can I buy? A calculator.
bulletShould I rent or own? A calculator.
bulletWhat will my payment be? A calculator.
bulletLoan amortization schedule. A calculator.
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bulletClick here for articles that I have written to provide education for my buyers.

Financial Planning For Real Estate 

bulletClick here to learn about my free real estate related financial planning service!

Investing In Rental Real Estate

bulletClick here for extensive educational articles that I have written regarding investing in rental real estate!

Education For Real Estate Investors

bulletBenefits of real estate exchanges

How-To Booklets

bulletHow to prepare your home for top market value!

Real Estate Checklists

bulletSee my moving checklist. It's quite useful.

Community Resources

bullet Colleges, vocational schools, and schools
bullet Parks

If you would like a complimentary, personalized property value analysis, please phone Shayne Bowen at 707 577-8200! (Alternately, you may click here to make a request for a personalized property value analysis.)  
If you are interested in making a purchase or exchange of a property, please phone Shayne Bowen at 707 577-8200! (Alternately, you may click here to request information on potential properties for you.)


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