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What is my free Staging Consultation? What are the most common staging mistakes, and the most important things that I should do? Take advantage of my vast experience assisting sellers in staging their homes! Read my article for details on what to do and not do, the most common mistakes in this regard, and details on my free Staging Consultation.

Should I obtain termite & contractor inspections before listing my home for sale? Most sellers have little awareness of the smartest and most cost effective way of handling home inspections. Read my article for an important discussion of the optimal and smartest way for sellers to handle property inspections!

What does an "As-Is" Clause mean? This is an area of much confusion. Having an as-is clause gives many benefits to a seller, but the seller needs to understand the wider implications of the as-is clause. Read my article on the as-is clause to fully and properly use this clause to your benefit!

What do you mean by 'price the home to obtain multiple offers'? Millions of dollars are lost by sellers every year because the concept of pricing the home to obtain multiple offers is not understood or used. To make thousands of dollars more on your home sale, make sure to read my article on this topic!!!

What do you mean by 'get to price point while still in the freshness window'? When it comes to having success selling a home, and getting the highest possible price for it, the two most important things to understand, without question, are the price-point concept, and the freshness window. I urge you to read my article on this topic! It is based on hundreds on real estate transactions! It will potentially make you thousands and thousands of dollars, and prevent needless delays and aggravation!

What do I need to disclose when I sell my home? How important is disclosure? This is an article that, more than any other, will save you headaches, severe aggravation, and substantial dollar losses after your home sells. Read my article - based upon hundreds of transactions that I have completed, on how to disclose properly. It is not self-evident: there is a lot to know. But doing these simple things will eliminate virtually all after-close issues and significant problems!

What are the steps involved in receiving and analyzing an offer? You've listed your home, and you've waited for a good offer from a purchaser. Now that you've received it, what should you look for? What should you avoid? If you'd like a very in-depth article on this topic, based on extensive experience in this area, read Shayne's article on this important subject.

Checklist For Listing A Property: What steps are involved in getting a property listed? What needs to be done first, second, third, etc? Read this article to learn from over two decades of Shayne's experience in this area, making things easier and more profitable for clients that are selling their property.

Should I Sell My Home Before Buying A New Home, Or Not? This is an age old question in the real estate business. You may be surprised that veteran real estate owners handle this question quite differently than less experienced real estate owners. Since this is a key question, read this article to get the benefit of Shayne's many years of experience handling this question.

What Are The Steps Involved In Moving (A Moving Checklist)? When I wrote this moving checklist I was astonished at how much really is involved in the act of moving -- there are so many aspects that are easy to forget. So I researched and designed this moving checklist at the suggestion of a long time client. My moving checklist is extensive - the result of decades of my professional experience, and research from several experts on moving. If you want a huge head start on your physical move, read my article today.

How Should I Take Title To My New Property? This is a question that it is asked frequently, and which can have significant consequences down the road, both tax-wise, and estate-wise. There is a completely new way to hold title, a new twist on community property. (Community property is a long established manner of holding title to real property). Read my article if you'd like these important details, and a link to some examples of potential tax and estate consequences of holding title to your new property in various ways.

Can I Keep My Property Taxes The Same If I'm Over 55 And Move? Many people in Sonoma County ask this question: "Can I keep my low property tax base if I move to a new home in Sonoma County. Read my article for the answer.

What Are The Steps Involved In Selling My Current Home And Buying New One? Selling one's current home is involved enough, but adding the purchase of another home adds considerably to the complexity and steps. Read my article to assist you in knowing the steps involved in this significant transaction.

Articles For Buyers & Sellers:

What Is Shayne's Complimentary Real Estate Move-Up Seminar? I have met so many clients who delayed their growth in the area of real estate due to lack of clarity on the process, and due to lack of knowledge of resources, possibilities, numbers, and strategies. Take advantage of my 25 years in the real estate industry, assisting move-up buyers with the sale of their current home, and purchase of their move-up home! Read my article if you would like to learn more about my free, personal, one-on-one Complimentary Real Estate Move-Up Seminar!!

Articles For Buyers:

What does Shayne's Complimentary One-On-One Buyer Seminar cover? Would you like to be vastly more knowledgeable as a buyer, whether you are new to real estate, or have purchased several time? Would you like to be looking in the best possible sources to get word on properties coming on the market in real-time? Would you like to thoroughly understand all of the financial numbers? Would you like to know what inspections to get? Would you like to know which contingencies to include in the purchase agreement? Read my article, which discusses at length the items that I cover at my free, personal Complimentary One-On-One Buyer Seminar. 

I want to purchase a new home. What do I do to prepare for that purchase? Would you like to buy a home, but the whole thing seems overwhelming, and you don't know how to get pre-approved and start the process? I make it easy! Read my article on a system that I created to make things simple and easy for buyers!

Once I find a home I really want, how do I determine its correct value? After one has found a home that they would love to own, how does one know what to offer for it? What is fair market value? How is it determined? If you'd like to learn how highly experienced purchasers and investors answer this important question, read Shayne's article on this topic.

Once I know the fair market value of a home I'd like to purchase, should I make an offer at the list price, above the list price, or below the list price? This is a classic real estate question. If you want to know how to structure the pricing aspect of a real estate offer, read Shayne's article on this topic. It is based upon Shayne Bowen's extensive experience working with real estate clients.

What is a one-on-one Complimentary Investment Rental Property Seminar? So many people that I have met would love to greatly improve their financial security by purchasing a rental property, but they have no idea how to get started, how to prepare, what to do, how to calculate the numbers, and how to manage the property. Read my article, if you would like to learn about my personal, one-on-one seminar that will answer all of these questions, and accomplish the most important financial achievement of your life!

Real Estate Financial Planning Articles:

My Free Financial Planning For Real Estate: Real estate is usually the largest asset that most people ever own. It's quite rare to find someone who does well financially without real estate being a significant portion of their financial plan. However, the vast majority of financial planners have a background in only stocks and bonds -- and they are very uncomfortable with real estate. Read my article if you would like to take advantage of my financial planning background and my extensive personal real estate investing experience! Include real estate as part of an updated financial plan for you!

How Can I Get Ahead Financially? How Can I Purchase A Rental Property? The vast majority of Americans are dependent upon the government at age 65 for their support. This is very preventable! Read my article to assist you in knowing that you can prevent this, and be financially independent!

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